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Why travel to Mexico?

Posted by Wayak on Jan 23, 2019 2:20:32 PM

Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world thanks to the greatness of its culture, the mix of natural treasures in beaches, mountains, forests and the warmness of the people in every town. If this words doest not convince you yet, come read more in this blog, where we are talking about a journey you can not miss.


First, i would want to talk about the connection of Mexico with other countries... In Mexico, there are two important airports with arrivals from all over the globe, these are Mexico City International Airport and Cancun International Airport. By getting to one of the previously mentioned airports, you will be able to plan a complete trip touring important places near you location without spending a big amount of money, because we all love to get amazing prices in our vacations. There are a lot of flight guru pages to find an amazing discount on your flight, remember, anticipation is the key! If you are flying from USA or Canada it is for sure you will find a great deal to get to Cancun or Mexico City.


The growing tourism industry in Mexico is in its golden age, because government is investing lots of money to get tourists a safe and enjoyable trip. In Wayak, we work to get all our clients the best tour they ever had with our friendly guides, safe vehicles and on time schedules.

If you are planning your trip to Mexico City, let me tell you all the options you have to enjoy and learn a lot of things  about Mexican culture.

Let me start with a trip to Teotihuacan...

Teotihuacan is a very must in your visit to Mexico, this is like the most important archaeological site in Mexico. Teotihuacan is outside Mexico City but not too far, you can get there by booking a tour with Wayak, it includes transportation and entrance fees. You will be able to see the majestic pyramid of the sun and climb it (if you dare!)

Another option to visit if you are coming to Mexico City, is a tour to Coyoacán and Xochimilco. In Coyoacán you will appreciate how citizens live in a suburb with little food market, historical houses like the one where Frida Kahlo lived and street festivals full of art and colors. Don't forget to have an ice cream at Teposnieves or try mexican churros at El Moro. Then, in the same tour, continue to visit Xochimilco and have a trip on the famous trajineras with mariachi and tequila shots!

Take a full day tour to Taxco, the Silver City. This tour is worth the cost because all the architecture you will appreciate in the city, and of course, the silver mines! Taxco is one of the principal silver manufacturers in the world.

Nueva llamada a la acción

Another tour from Mexico City is the tour to Puebla, in this one you can visit Cholula and the magnificent temple sitting over an ancient pyramid! Admire all the colors in this colonial city with the city walk and have a refreshment.

One important thing of visiting Mexico City is... THE FOOD, you will be amazed of all the eating options you will have in the street. Mexico is a very famous country for its gastronomy too! A big big recommendation to eat and save is the traditional Quesadillas, Chilaquiles or Tamales in any street food market. It is a fact that if you are coming to Mexico on vacation... you will gain some pounds. Don't be shy and try all the food you can, specially TACOS!

Now, let's go to the south side of Mexico. If your scheduled flight is arriving to Cancun, let me tell you all the options you hace to spend your vacations.

Nueva llamada a la acción

First of all, Cancun International Airport is the second most important in Mexico, with the tallest Control Tower in the country and 3 terminals, they receive numerous flights from all over the world.

Well, the first tour that needs to be on your list is the magnificent Chichen Itza, why? Because it is one of the seven wonders! When you get there and see the pyramid of Teotihuacan you will feel the vibrating atmosphere of thousands of years.

Chichen Itza houses a lot of Mayan history with the great pyramid of Kukulkan, did you know the actual pyramid was edified over another pyramid and inside of them there is a chamber with a jaguar made of stone and jade eyes? Nowadays people are not allowed to get into the jaguar's chamber, but our guid will tell you and describe what happened with it.

Cancun is famous by te beautiful blue caribbean sea... to get advantage of that, we recommend you to take the snorkeling tour to admire the underwater fauna. Not to mention you can book your tickets to Xcaret, Xel ha and Xplor with us, in those parks you will enjoy a lot of fun activities in the jungle and water, like zip-lines and snorkeling, even have a swim with the dolphins! Visiting those parks is fun either with family or friends. In the parks you will find options for eating (not included in the cost of the tour)

Then, if you have time, visit Mérida, the capital of Yucatan. Mérida is known as "White City"... there are a lot of meanings to this nickname, like it is because of the warmness of the people or the quality of life. In Mérida there are a lot of historical monuments and museums you can visit with us by taking the tour to Dzibilchaltun or the Tour to Uxmal.

The previous was just a hint of all the things you can do and enjoy in Mexico with WAYAK! To learn more about all the details we invite you to check the tour section of our website and book your favorite one!

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