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What to expect when visiting Chichen Itza

Posted by Wayak on Oct 3, 2018 2:50:33 PM

Hello again, adventurers!

Usually, if you are traveling to a new destination, you may have many questions about what to expect on the tours, people, and things to see.

Well, me decided to write this post to tell you step by step how it is when you visit the great ancient city of Chichén Itza.


Chichen Itza is located in the heart of the Peninsula de Yucatán, it is just an hour and a few minutes away from Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancún and Mérida, and if you are visiting one of those places, it is considered a MUST to take a little time and come to Chichén Itza, one of the new seven wonders.

If you are going on your own on a rented car, Chichen Itza has parking spaces for its visitors and it only costs $30 mexican pesos. So, park your car and put on some sunscreen to cover your skin from the sun.

About the entrance tickets: Theres 2 fees you have yo pay for different associations that take care of the archaeological site, the total amount is something like $250 mexican pesos.

So, once you've got your entrance tickets, let's get this adventure begin!

Once you show your entrance ticket to enter the site, you get into a "Sacbé" or "white road" in the middle of the jungle, and you'll start to see a lot of handcraft sellers, most of them are inhabitants of the town and make all the handcrafts themselves, they sell from shirts, masks, mayan stones, necklaces, rings, and everything related to the mayan culture. Let me tell you some tips for the handcrafts sellers:

First of all, don't rush tu buy the first things you see, wait until you watch everything in offer.

Second and most important: They will give you a special discount if you talk spanish! Maybe they'll give you a 50% off!

Not much longer after the first handcraft sellers, you will see this!:


So majestic, imposing and beautiful, how could you imagine that more than a thounsand years ago there was people living there, with another kind of living, another way of seeing life and gods. While you walk towards the pyramid you can appreciate all the details, so, once you get close, start walking around it and you will be able to see the famous Kukulcan, the snake god, here is a shot taken with my phone of how it is the snake head on the corner:


When you reach to this point, take a time to sit on the grass and admire such a beauty, it will give you a sensation of peace and majesty.

Years ago, people where able to climb the pyramid, but due to a lot of investigations, the authorities decides to stop that because of its conservation. I wish i have a photo on the top to show you all the beautiful view. Also, if you observe closer, next to the serpents head there is a little door, that is a passage to an inner pyramid with a path to a secret chamber where the sculpture of the jade eyes jaguar rest. I do not certainly know if the sculpture is still there, because the access to that chamber is closed to public too. But well, let me show you another perspective of the pyramid:


Just after yo get around the pyramid, you get in front of the "Templo de las Mil Columnas" or Thousand Columns Temple, that are really around 200 or some, in each column there is a carving of a mayan warrior. 

Moving on with the tour, you take another Sacbe that leads you to the Sacred Cenote, where a lot of people sacrifices were made to the mayan gods. There are many stories of how the mayans disappeared, some say there was a big drought that killed them all; i tell you this because you may be asking: "why in the name of the mayan gods they didn't took the water from the cenote!" And that is because the cenotes were sacred for them, like it was made only for gods.

Going back to the pyramid point, you now will get to the Ball Game center, it is like a sports stadium for the mayans, where they got seats for the governor, the high class and the religious people. The ball game consists on hitting the ball with anything but your hands and get the ball inside the hole... something like basketball i guess. People say that the winning team were sacrified to the gods.

And for last and not less important, there is the Observatory Temple... Many of us already know that mayans where great stargazers that discovered the moving of the sun and stars, This is a beautiful building that shows the intelligence of the mayan architecture, here is a photo of that:


Imagine all the things that happened when the mayans constructed Chichen Itza.

Just before finalizing the tour, you will be able to try the Mexican cuisine at the restaurant installed next to the entrance.

If you want to know what else you can do or need when visiting Chichen Itza, download our latest ebooks with everything you need to know!

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