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What to bring on a tour to Teotihuacan

Posted by Eduardo Vargas Torrado on Jul 11, 2018 10:38:17 AM

In my quest to explore everything that is awesome in Mexico, I found a truly amazing tour that is a MUST in your visit to Mexico, this is Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacan is a large archaeological Mexican complex located at the north east from Mexico City, it dates from the pre-columbine era and its one of the most important archaeological sites in Mexico, with the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon. The name Teotihuacan means “The place where men become gods”.

This archaeological site was proclaimed world heritage by UNESCO in 1987 )and I already know why!).



This was a beautiful experience with a lot of things to learn, so, here is my advice for all the first time visitors to Teotihuacan:



First of all… Get your sunblock!

Nowadays, we all know that carrying sunblock is a must in every outdoor activity. In this tour you will be walking under the sun for a few hours. So, my first advice  and the most important is to bring your sunblock. Be sure to re apply every 2 hours!

Bring some snacks and water.

Besides of having breakfast before taking the tour, climbing and walking around the site will give you hungry, so be sure to bring some snacks, not anything difficult to eat, try some energy bars, chips or cookies.

Choose comfortable clothes:

You will be walking for an extended period of time in usually hot and humid conditions, so be sure to bring fresh clothes and comfortable shoes. There are some shaded areas to rest.


Sunglasses, a must!

The most common weather for this amazing tour is sunny, so, choose your favorite pair of shades to look cool in your photos and protect your eyes from the sun.



Some tours does not include water or snacks, be sure to have enough currency to buy something you need. You will also need it for the handcraft shops.


A small backpack.

Yes! To carry all the things we said in this post.


If you are traveling to Mexico, Teotihuacan is a must in your trip, it just takes a few minutes when you watch the pictures to fall in love with the amazing landscape of the site.