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Travel Mexico by bus from Mexico City. Where to go and recommendations.

Posted by Wayak on Jan 8, 2019 2:52:07 PM

Traveling by bus when you visit Mexico is the best option to visit as many places as possible, such as colonial cities, archeological sites and beaches, since traveling by plane can be much more expensive, and the distance between one place and another is relatively short. Also, traveling by bus is much more comfortable than expected, as the preferred bus lines are well prepared  for tourism, they have premium versions in their buses to provide a pleasant experience for travelers, with a very comparable quality to Greyhound in USA or National Express in the UK.

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Since 1990, Mexico’s Government invested millions of dollars in toll highways that connect the most important cities, small towns, archeological sites and beaches in the country, together with the renovation of buses thinking in the traveler comfort is the safest and cheapest way to move around Mexico.  

If you are thinking about traveling around Mexico, traveling by bus is your best option, most of the time is more likely that your trip starts from Mexico City, as it is the main entry point to the country, in which there are two important bus stations: the Passenger Bus Terminal of Oriente (TAPO) if you are planning to go to Oaxaca, Chiapas or the Peninsula de Yucatán  and the Central del Norte (North Station), if you are planning to go to Querétaro, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende or Guadalajara. Both terminals provide all services that you may need; ATMs, pharmacy or convenience store.   

Let's start with the south part of Mexico. Here is the route Wayak recommends:  Mexico City-Puebla-Oaxaca (if you like to surf and want to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean add Puerto Escondido to your itinerary) – San Cristobal de las casas (Night bus from Oaxaca City) – Palenque – Campeche – Merida – Valladolidad (Chichen Itza) – Cancun or Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen or Tulúm. All these cities have bus stations located inside the city.  

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You can click on the name of the bus stations to see their location.

Tapo Station / Puebla / Oaxaca / Puerto Escondido / San Cristobal de las Casas / Palenque / Campeche

Mérida / Valladolid / Cancun / Playa del Carmen / Tulum

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So, if you prefer to go the the Central part of Mexico, here is the route that Wayak recommends:  Mexico City – Querétaro – San Miguel de Allende – Guanajuato.  Here are the addresses of the bus stations. It Is important to let you know that if you want to go to these places you will need to go by Primera Plus that is another bus brand than ADO but very good quality and service as well. Here you will need to depart from the North Station.  


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You can click on the name of the bus stations to see their location.

Mexico City North Station / Querétaro / San Miguel de Allende / Guanajuato

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