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6 Survival tips before you visit a Mexican beach

Posted by Wayak on Apr 25, 2019 12:59:00 PM

With thirteen thousand kilometers of coastline, Mexico has an offer of 450 beach destinations. If something can boast of Mexico is its incredible beaches, which are true earthly paradises that you will fall in love at first sight. No matter if you are traveling with your entire family or romantic trip, visiting a beach is always a good idea.


If you are visiting a Mexican beach for the first time, we would like to share with you 6 very important tips that you should keep in mind:


  1. Do not forget a good sunscreen!

Never miss a good sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor of 30 or more. Nothing worse than suffering a vacation with skin burned by the sun! Consider the use of caps, lenses and nylon shirts, as they are light and dry quickly when leaving the water. Avoid going to the beach during the hours of highest intensity of sunlight (between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.)


  1. Hydrate constantly.

You should not miss a thermos or cooler for food and drinks. Cold liquids can help you avoid sunstroke by regulating body temperature. Simple water and moisturizing drinks are always preferable, since juices and soft drinks do not really quench thirst because of their high sugar content. After a good time playing on the beach, children are often hungry, so consider bringing food that does not generate garbage and does not require utensils, such as sandwiches, cookies, jicama, cucumber, etc

  1. Wearing swimwear with bright colors

Mexican beaches are usually places with a large number of tourists during the holiday season, so wearing colorful bathing suits is a good aid to keep children in sight even when they are at a considerable distance. Brightly colored clothing stands out even from under water, unless the water is very stirred with sand.


  1. Protect your eyes.

Wearing sun glasses is something they probably wear all year round, but if you visit Mexican beaches it is indispensable. This helps protect your eyes from the strong rays of the sun. But WATCH! Not all sunglasses protect you, you should check the quality of the filter. Try to choose some lenses that have protection against UV rays.


  1. Be cautious with plants and animals.

Mexico has a great variety of flora and fauna in all its extension so it is necessary to be careful when visiting wild areas near the beaches. Avoid contact with animals or strange insects that inhabit these places. But also in the waters of the sea there are dangerous animals, even on the beach. You have to be careful not to be bitten by a jellyfish or not to step on a hedgehog.


  1. Be careful what you eat!

You have to be extremely careful with the foods you consume. Since during your visit you will notice that the beaches have high temperatures that often break down food, which can affect our health. Perishable foods should be stored shortly after purchase to make sure they are in good condition.


It does not matter if we are on the beaches of crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, or in the deep and cold of the Gulf of California, these natural paradises steal the breath and hearts of those who visit, becoming an excellent choice when choosing a destination, it is about.


If you plan to visit Mexican beaches, remember that there are different types of tours: family, aquatic, extreme, etc. It is advisable to book in advance to enjoy an unforgettable experience.




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