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How much money do I need to travel to Mexico City?

Posted by Wayak on Jul 27, 2018 11:50:19 AM

Determine a budget for a trip to Mexico is quite easy, you just need to take something in mind, some stronger than others, because in fact, being a tourist in Mexico is quite cheap.


What are the criteria that influence the budget of a trip to Mexico?

The most important thing is when you want to go to Mexico, since the price of flights and accommodation may vary according to the season, the most economical dates are between April and June, the seasons that attract the most tourists are those of school holidays and spring break, day of the dead and summer vacations.

There are other criteria such as lodging. The place where you will stay, the comfort and the services offered in the accommodation. These can range from 25 dollars a night for a couple up to 200 dollars for all inclusive hotels.


In short, it also matters how many tours you want to take during your stay in Mexico, if you want to try all the gastronomy and go shopping, your budget could be more limited than someone who wants restaurants or see expensive shows and visit many shops.

The 5 criteria that seem most important to me are:

-The flight (round trip)






How much does a flight cost to go to Mexico?

I know most of you read us from different countries, so the price varies depending on where they come from, but for those who read from the United States, I can assure you that they will find flights from 200 to 400 dollars. It is important to add that if you travel outside school holidays, you will find very good prices.


How much does it cost acommodation in Mexico?

Mexico City, Cancun, Chiapas and Mérida are very tourist cities. Actually, depending on tastes and budgets, you can find accommodation from 25dls a night in small hotels, up to 300dls in very comfortable rooms in well-known  hotel chains.



How much does transportation cost in Mexico?

The first expense you will have when arriving to Mexico will be the transfer from the airport to your hotel, which in Wayak we offer from 38 dls per person.

Moving in Mexico City is really very cheap, since there is the option of traveling by subway or metrobus that costs approximately 30 cents or 5 mexican pesos

It is not advisable to use taxi services, since their prices are very high and the service is of low quality, it is better to use the service of some mobile application.

The advantage of booking a tour with Wayak is that everyone has a pick-up at the hotel or a nearby point.


How much money to allocate to meals?

This is a difficult point to determine ... some can be very satisfied eating a plate of tacos for 3 dls and others will prefer to take advantage of knowing a good restaurant and spend up to 50 dls

It is essential on a trip to Mexico to eat tacos, or not? It is very easy to find a taco stand in the city and eat quickly there, in these places you will not spend more than 10 dollars per couple.

There are also nice restaurants where you can eat a good cut of meat or fusion food for up to 50 dls per couple.

How much does the tours cost?

Wayak has a wide range of tours that cover most of Mexico and range from 30 dollars for a ride in the city with various things included, up to 250 dollars for a balloon flight.


In conclusion, to spend approximately a week with your partner in Mexico City, you can consider a 1200 dls per couple contemplating the aforementioned expenses.

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