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Frequently Asked Questions on Chat

Posted by Wayak on Aug 29, 2018 1:03:22 PM

When you are looking to buy some product, it is likely that some doubts arise during the process. To solve most of these doubts, we have written this blogpost, in case you prefer to find quick answers to your questions. If in this post you do not find the answers you were looking for, then you can also use our online chat.

For the writing of this post, we resort to the most frequent questions asked by our clients through the chat. These were the most common questions.


Q. I have not received my tickets yet...

A. It is normal to ask for your tickets right at the moment you make the payment. All tickets for our bookings will be delivered within 24 hours after your purchase



Q. Do you have private buses for groups?

A. Yes, we make special reservations for groups. Please contact for more information.


Q. Can you pick us up at any hotel or Airbnb?

A. Yes, the moment you book any tour, transfer or shuttle, you specify the place to pick you up.


Q. Are prices in USD or Mexican Pesos?



Q. My payment did not go through...

A.This is a common error for some browsers or maybe an interruption in the internet connection occurred. Please try in another browser or contact claudia@wayakbus,com.


Q. Do you have shared shuttles?

A. No, all our shuttles are private for our travelers comfort.


Q. For shuttles, is the price per car or per person?

A. The price for a shuttle selection y based on the car.


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