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Five things you can do in Merida

Posted by Eduardo Vargas Torrado on Jun 20, 2018 11:36:00 AM

With its popular given nickname of “Ciudad Blanca”, Mérida is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico because of its gastronomy, historical places and its closeness to important archaeological sites and beautiful beaches. It is a very quiet and peaceful city full of customs and traditions, and having the idea of passing some days of your trip in it, is definitely a good idea because there is always something to enjoy, no matter your age or preferences. I could keep talking about Merida’s history and its beautifulness, but it would be a very long post… I love Merida!


It is very difficult for me to choose only 5 things to do in Mérida, I could spend the 5 points in places to eat! But well, let’s start.

1.- Visit archaeological sites.

As we mentioned before, Merida is very close with important archaeological sites, such as Chichen Itza (one of the seven wonders of the world) and Uxmal (the biggest mayan city ever built. These archaeological sites are very important in the mayan culture because of many treasures found in its ruins. Every night there is a special light show with video mapping over the structures where you can watch and appreciate the story o each mayan city.


2.- Beautiful beaches.

Very close to Merida you will find beautiful beaches to have a fresh and relaxing day. One of those beaches is Celestún, a stunning fishing port and biosphere reserve, famous by its ping flamingos that flock here for the winters. With over 200 species of birds found here, Celestun is sure to delight even the most avid bird watcher. So if natural beauty and wildlife are your thing, this is a MUST in your itinerary.


3.- Take a tour to the magical villages

Also known as “The Pearl of the East”, there is a beautiful city called Valladolid, the second oldest of Yucatan and famous by its spectacular Convent. In this tour you will be able to visit Valladolid, famous for its food and cenotes and archaeological sites near the zone.


4.- Take a walk through Paseo de Montejo.

Paseo de Montejo is a beautiful avenue famous for its historical heritage, it is so important for the city because it was designed for the city founders to take their dominical family stroll. It has famous mansions in Merida, with a lot of stories and interesting architecture. In Paseo de Montejo you will appreciate historical monuments too, symbols of the city and homeland.


And for last, but not least….


5.- Food!

Yucatan is very famous for its wide variety of delicious dishes, inherited from generations to geneations and because it is a thing to show of, there is a lot of restaurants to have a taste of Yucatan.

Most of the restaurants are famous for their handmade tortillas in the time you are eating; we recommend you to order a Queso Relleno, a delicious dish made with a lot of cheese and meat.

Another dish you should try is Frijol con Puerco, traditionally eaten on Mondays, I don’t know the reason of that, but it is fun to tell everyone on monday that you ate Frijol con Puerco.

If you don’t want to wander on wich restaurant to try, we recommend la Chaya Maya located in downtown.


That was only a few things you can enjoy by visiting Merida, stay in touch with us to learn about our offers and specials!



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