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All you need to know when buying transportation tickets!

Posted by Wayak on Aug 6, 2018 2:15:50 PM

It is very common to have some doubts or questions when you are about to buy transportation tickets, so we made a simple FAQ post for you to have all your questions fulfilled. Here we go!


Buying bus tickets FAQ’s

  • The purchase of this ticket, includes pickup?

No, the bus boarding is direct at the assigned station in the departure city and arrives at the station of the destination city.


  • How long in advance do I have to buy my ticket?

It can be purchased the same day, as long as there is availability.


  • Can I cancel my tickets?

You can choose not to take the trip, but there are no refunds


  • How much baggage can I take?

Each passenger can transport up to 25kg of luggage at no cost. It is also allowed to carry 1 hand luggage on board.


  • Can I choose my seats?

It is not possible, but Wayak secures the first rows of the bus for your comfort.


  • Can I make itinerary changes?

Yes it is possible to make a change in your itinerary, either on the time or destination, but it can only be done directly at the departure terminal.




Buying shuttle services FAQ’s.

  • Can I choose any day and time?

Of course, when you book your shuttle, you can arrange it for your day and time of arrival.


  • Can we make some stops during the journey?

Stops during the journey, such as short stops to a self-service store or to the bathroom, are allowed.


  • Can we go through something to eat?

Yes, stops to eat are allowed.


  • Can we make long stops?

Long stops such as entering an archaeological zone or taking a tour are allowed only if they are scheduled with prior notice.


  • Can I transport animals?

The transportation of pets is allowed as long as they are in their transport boxes


If you have any more questions, you can type them below! Please help us inform more this travelers community!

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